why choose us

We have a great team of very experienced graphic designers, printers and production specialists. We will take your new advertising from start to finish with the precision you expect.





If you have a logo already established, you can simply bring it in on disk or hard copy and we can immediately make it print ready. If you don’t have a logo or are looking to build a solid business identity, you’re in luck. The Design Company specializes in logo development. We offer a fantastic design department with state of the art computers and programs that allow us to come up with the perfect solutions for your business needs. We also offer product photography and on location shoots for any images you may require.

It's really quite simple. We have the experience and expertise in the industry that many advertising companies lack. Instead of being like most out there, The Design Company was made to be different from the start. We wanted this company to be the solution not just to signs, or printing, or wraps, etc. We built The Design Company to excel at all of these under one roof. 


4781 S. Huron Rd. Standish MI 48658

strong new income for your business that you've never seen before.


We’re committed to advertising and to serving you with quality and value. Bring your business in today and we will get your profit margins where they should be.



We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your Sign, Printing & Advertising needs. 


For most businesses, you have to go to the designer, then printer, sign shop, consultant, etc. With The Design Company, you have everything under one roof. We will save you money while projecting a